About half of all cancer is preventable

March 29, 2012 8:15:27 PM PDT
Endless amounts of time and money have gone into cancer research, with only little results to show for the effort.

Now, a group of public health researchers in St. Louis published an article which boldly claims that half of all types of cancers are preventable in one way or another.

Exercise, diet, and not smoking greatly decreases your chances of getting cancer. In fact, the statistics show that smoking alone causes 1/3 of disease in the United States, while obesity accounts for another 20%.

Cutting smoking out of your lifestyle alone can prevent the odds of getting lung cancer by as much as 75%.

While these simple lifestyle changes may be helpful in avoiding cancer, some believe these changes are not enough to actually prevent it.

Cancer risks could be greatly diminished, if not eventually eliminated, on a global scale simply by changing people's individual and group behaviors when scientific knowledge is taken into account.

Armed with this knowledge, we may hope that one day cancer may be a thing of the past.

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