No delivery after postal accident

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May 4, 2012 3:07:44 PM PDT
It was a not-so-special delivery by one careless post office employee. According to witnesses, the letter carrier smashed her van into a parked car, and then fled the scene.

When Johnny Anglero left his home, his late model Maxima looked pristine. In just hours, the other side was damaged. All that was left behind - a cryptic note from a post office employee.

Luckily, there were witnesses. One even snapped a picture of the accident scene. The white postal van backed into the Maxima so hard the 2 bumpers attached. A witness says a postal supervisor responded.

"He was also leaning on the car, trying to get the bumper unhooked so that went on for about an hour and a half or so," Charles Gonzalez said.

But in all that time, Mr. Anglero says, no postal employee ever called the police.

"He left the scene because he didn't make a report," Anglero said.

Next, Anglero says a local postal supervisor told him the only way he could get his car fixed was if the supervisor ordered the parts and did the work on the down low.

"He tried to intimidate me. He tried to bully me a little bit," Anglero said.

Anglero even got a voicemail from a woman told to order parts for his smashed car.

"My husband works for the post office. And he gave me your number. And I'm the one in charge of looking for the parts for your car," the woman is heard saying.

Angelero didn't want the parts. He wanted his car fixed. His estimate to fix the crumpled car was nearly 27-hundred dollars. Weeks after the crash, when the postal employee wouldn't pay up, he finally filled out a claim with the USPS.

In the meantime, Johnny was stuck begging rides to work. So we started haranguing the post office with calls and emails and finally, they cut him a check for the full amount of the estimate.

The USPS apologized to Mr. Anglero, confirming one of their drivers was responsible for the crash and that it's an active personnel investigation. They are also promised to pay hundreds in out of pocket commuting expenses to him.



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