The Manhattan Diet, stay thin while enjoying NYC

March 7, 2012 1:57:21 PM PST
How in the world did those "Sex and the City" ladies stay so thin while living such a fabulous life? Especially in this city, with the best restaurants in the country, dessert carts and pizza places on every corner.

The Manhattan diet suggests that skinny New Yorkers indulge their cravings, eat what you want, just not a lot of it.

"I think it's unhealthy to deprive yourself of stuff," Eileen Daspin said.

For her new book, Daspin interviewed more than 100 fit and fabulous Manhattanites to discover their secrets.

The top tips they gave her: Buy and eat small portions, get competitive in exercise classes, shop for groceries early and often, and sneak in work outs.

The diet says it's ok to cheat every now and then with small desserts or a glass of wine but don't forget the best part about this town, you can walk everywhere.

"I'm always on the go, you know you're always on the move," Sara Pilot said. Pilot is a size zero, Park Avenue mother of two who says her trick is to never clean her plate.

"I try to eat a little bit at a time but frequently," adds Pilot.

And after enjoying a sweet treat, she burns it off later at a competitive spinning class.