Would your man wear a 'man-gagement' ring?

March 7, 2012 8:15:35 PM PST
It's a story book romance, Jesus and Sevans. The two young actors met and fell in love.

"When I proposed to her it was a standing ovation, like it was a packed house and everyone was screaming ahhhhh," Jesus Martinez said.

She said yes. Jesus gave Sevans a ring and then did something out of the box. He broke with tradition and asked for a man-gagement ring.

"I thought, wow, how sweet," Sevans said.

If you're looking for one, you'll probably find it here at Kwiat. According to a study by theknot.com and Men's Health, 17% of men admit, they are open to the idea of wearing a man-gagement ring.

"Some guys will wear the ring on their right hand and switch it to their left hand, some guys will maybe buy a ring and upgrade to a different ring," said Clint Carter of Men's Health Magazine.

Or, just stick with the same one. The man-gagement ring becomes the wedding band.

"This is their way to show their commitment and their excitement, it's also about showing other ladies, I'm off the market and what woman doesn't want her man to let the rest of the world know that," said Kristin Koch of TheKnot.com.

5% of men say they're wearing man-gagement rings right now. It's common in other countries. Meet Maud and Guran from Sweden.

"When we got engaged, I got a ring from him and he got a ring from me, still here, look at that," Maud said.

But, is this simply an industry push for couples to spend more? Not for Jesus.

"It's a special part of the relationship and I think men should also celebrate that symbolically, as women do," Jesus said.

Jesus prefers to call his, an engagement band, but the flip side of this, while this maybe for some, 83% of men say no way, no how.

It's par for the course, when it comes to love.