NJ mom stabbed 27 times by ex speaks in exclusive report

March 12, 2012 3:04:42 PM PDT
A New Jersey mother stabbed more than two dozen times is telling her story from her hospital bed exclusively to Eyewitness News.

She says she was stabbed by an ex-boyfriend who ignored a restraining order.

Tamika Love, 26, is still in intensive care at University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey.

It's a miracle she's alive after being stabbed 27 times by her ex-boyfriend.

She says one of the reasons she survived is her two-year old daughter who stopped the most serious bleeding with a hug.

"I thought he was punching me but he was stabbing me," Love remembers.

Fighting for her life in her hospital bed, Tamika Love remembers how she played dead to try to stop her ex-boyfriend from stabbing her.

She survived the assault, but with 27 stab wounds to her back, her arms, and her chest.

She has a punctured lung and kidney but somehow managed to stay calm to comfort her two-year old daughter Amora, who saw the whole thing.

"I had to tell her it's OK, Mommy's OK, and then I called 911," Love said.

In fact, Tamika says Amora saved her life.

After watching the brutal attack, Amora lay down and gave her dying mommy a hug and put her little body in just the right spot to stop the most serious bleeding in Tamika's chest.

"She just lay down on me and my daughter was holding my chest so the blood wouldn't squirt out," Love said.

A neighbor's surveillance camera captured her ex fleeing the scene.

Tamika had filed a restraining order against him last summer and she says he sent her threatening texts in the days leading up to the attack.

She wanted to speak to Eyewitness News from her hospital bed to warn other young women about abusive boyfriends.

"The person you think loves you, they don't love you," Love said.

While Tamika struggles to recover from her injuries, her mother Trudy is caring for Amora and her six-week old daughter Sania, whose father is now under arrest for attempted murder.

Amora, the toddler who witnessed the whole attack, is waking up with nightmares. And so is Tamika's mother.

"She made it look like she was dead and that is the only reason she is still alive today because he would have kept stabbing her," Tompkin's mother Trudy Love said.

He is under arrest but Love says she had called police about threats he was making but police said she had nothing to worry about because of the restraining order.

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