Toilet paper shortage in Trenton

March 13, 2012 1:40:13 PM PDT
A budget battle in one town in New Jersey is getting a whole lot of attention.

The fight isn't over teacher layoffs or closing firehouses, instead city leaders are fighting over toilet paper.

If they don't reach an agreement soon, they could all find themselves in a rather uncomfortable situation.

The president of the police union in Trenton, is talking about the lack of toilet paper and hand towels at the Trenton police station.

"The patrolman's bathroom which sits back here is completely empty of toilet paper and paper towels. There's not a paper towel to be had in the whole building," said Sgt. George Dzurkoc.

And it's getting just as bad at other city buildings. The toilet tissue shortage is the result of city council's refusal to okay a $42,000 paper products order.

Growing worries about reports of stealing and a lack of local bidders got some council members asking questions about the order.

Not about the purchase of toilet paper or paper towels, but $4,000 worth of paper cups.

"Council wanted to know what are you doing $4000 worth of paper cups? They got caught. We want to know what you're gonna do with them and when they failed to give us an answer we denied their approval," adds George Muschal.

Iin the basement of City Hall, there's just one case of toilet paper left, usually there are more than 50.

Calling the situation an embarrassment the council president is hoping the council will okay the money now that the paper cups have been removed from the request.

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