Vasectomies big choice during March Madness

March 15, 2012 10:39:52 AM PDT
This time of the year is known for one thing, basketball.

But in the medical community, it turns out it is known for something else, vasectomies.

And it turns out the two are very much related.

"The guys know they are going to be on the couch anyway they might as well get the best out of it," Dr. Jones says.

That means no guilt for thousands of men laying around on the sofa, watching every minute of March Madness.

New techniques help to make the procedure quicker and more comfortable. Guys are typically told to stay in a reclined position, and it just so happens, that's a good way to watch basketball, too.

"We recommend they come in, and then spend a day and a half or two days, basically keeping the area as cool as possible. That helps to alleviate swelling, so they gotta be sitting, by and large, they can't sit around a lot. It's the perfect situation for television," adds. Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones says the number of vasectomies he performs also increases around other sporting events, like a big golf tournament or a Nascar race. But he says this is typically his busiest week of the year.

"Almost every week Friday is the big day we do vasectomies, for obvious reasons, you need a couple of days off. But on this specific march madness weekend they'll often do it on Thursday and Friday. I actually had to cancel a day of surgery this year, in order to meet the need for additional slots for vasectomies," he adds.

Dr. Jones says he's so used to this time of year by now. He plans ahead for it.

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