7 Blocks: 161st station in the Bronx

7 Blocks

March 16, 2012 2:01:00 PM PDT
161st in the southwest section of the Bronx and when you step into this neighborhood you walk into the heart of Yankee town.

Outside the station is the new home of the team.

The new Yankee Stadium opened to the public in 2009, having moved from across the street.

Much of the stadium incorporates the same look and design elements from the previous stadium, paying homage to Yankees history.

"I think Yankee Stadium shows the true passion the pride and is everything great about New York," said David Lopez.

Surrounding the stop are pubs and restaurants dedicated to helping Yankee fans celebrate. The Yankee Tavern has been around since 1923 and likes to call itself the "original sports bar". But baseball is not the only sport in the area.

The new Macombs Dam Park, rebuilt to make way for the stadium, is a hit with soccer players and runners.

"I like how people are interacting with each other. How they are fixing the neighborhood up," said Francisco Rosario.

And just four blocks south of the station is a brand new skate park. Skateboarders and rollerbladers of all kinds can be found there.

Four blocks east of the station is the Bronx County Courthouse. It is home to the Bronx Borough President's office, civil court and economic development offices.

Built during the depression as part of a federal works project it provided sorely needed jobs for construction workers, architects and sculptors.

The building is known for its sculptures. Paying tribute to the working man, to Greek gods of justice.

Outdoor fun, Bronx history and Yankee baseball can all be found within 7 blocks of the 161st train station in the Bronx.