New K2 warning; Poison prevention week

March 19, 2012 1:52:57 PM PDT
In health news, there is a new warning about K2 and previewing Poison Prevention Week.

Until recently, these drugs were really easy to buy in gas stations and convenience stores.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has now banned five chemicals found in spice and k2, but it's still out there and on the internet. And today there's a new warning from doctors about how dangerous it can be.

When smoked or ingested, it's supposed to create a euphoric effect, but there can be dangerous side-effects, including aggressive behavior, an inability to speak, excessive sweating and shock.

"A lot of times kids are doing this and something else, like drinking alcohol. So, mixed with something else potentiates a lot of the effects, the sedation, the euphoria," said Dr. Tom Tallman with Cleveland Clinic.

The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported almost 7,000 calls involving synthetic marijuana in 2011. That's more than double the number of calls in 2010.

And this week is National Poison Prevention week.

Every year, about 2 and a half million people come in contact with a poisonous substance and most are under the age of 6.

The most dangerous products are medications, household cleaners, anti-freeze and windshield wiper fluid.

Four quick tips to poison proof your house:

  • Store all medicines and cleaning products in locked cabinets or containers
  • Keep your prescription medications in those hard to open bottles with the safety caps.
  • Never refer to medicine as candy
  • Beware of button batteries, the small round batteries are in remote controls, musical greeting cards and books. If swallowed, it can become lodged in the esophagus of a toddler. An electrical current can form around the battery, causing a burn and major internal injuries.

    And if you think your child has just swallowed anything that's poisonous, have them spit out any remaining substance and call the poison control center. Do not try to make your child vomit.




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