Unhealthy "health foods"

March 21, 2012 1:50:56 PM PDT
Many of us think we're doing the right thing by looking for labels that say "reduced fat" or "multigrain." But there are lots of so-called "healthy" foods you'd be better off, leaving off your diet plan.

The marketing for many of these products makes you think they're healthy when they're definitely not.

When it comes to salad, the lettuce is where it all begins. But iceberg lettuce is basically just water, it has almost no nutritional value. The greener the lettuce the better.

"If you're looking to get good vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, you want to look at darker, greener lettuces. Like romaines, and spinaches, and kale, and things like that," said Denise Cole, a registered dietitian.

And just because your bread says "multigrain," that does not always mean more fiber.

Check the label, you do not want "enriched wheat flour," you want the real thing.

Look for 100% wheat or whole wheat flour as the first ingredient. And check to make sure it really has at least a couple grams of fiber per slice.

And if you want some peanut butter on that bread, low-fat is not the best way to go. You're taking out the good fat that's found in peanuts, all that's left are extra calories and sugar.

And sea salt is another one, it sounds healthier or more natural, but it has the same amount of sodium as regular table salt.

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