Girl testifies against father in murder trial

March 21, 2012 2:11:24 PM PDT
It was a dramatic and emotional day in court when a daughter was forced to testify against her own father in the brutal death of her mother.

The teenager had to recount the frightening moments about when she awoke to her mother's screams and saw her father allegedly drowning her mother in the tub.

Because she is a child, we are not releasing KC's full name, nor does Eyewitness News show her giving testimony against her father.

He is accused of drowning her mother five years ago. KC was 8 when she says she woke up to her mother's screams.

KC: "I looked down and I saw water splashing at my mother."

Prosecutor: "Where was that water coming from?"

KC: "The faucet from the bottom."

Prosecutor: "Bottom of what?"

KC: "The bathtub."

Prosecutor: "Where was your mother when you saw this?"

KC: "She was, um, lying down in the bathtub."

Prosecutor: "And did you see anybody else with her?"

KC: "My dad."

Kleber Cordova is accused of drowning his wife in a fit of rage, after Torres allegedly asked for a divorce.

KC, now 12, says she was at her bedroom door, and saw her parents in the tub.

KC: "He was on top of her, and.. "

Prosecutor: "You can, you can keep going."

KC: "Trying to grab her hair to prevent her scratching him, like this. She was trying to scratch him."

Prosecutor: "Could your mom get out of the tub at that point?"

KC: "No."

Prosecutor: "Was anything preventing her from getting out?"

KC: "Yes."

Prosecutor: "What was that?"

KC: "My dad."

Cordova's defense is that he was instead trying to help his wife out of the tub.

He did call 911, but KC says that was after she'd seen her mother floating in the tub.

She told the court her father was quote acting crazy, and did not say much until she saw him at the hospital.

KC: "I asked him what happened but he kept crying, he wouldn't answer me. And then a while later, like, in the waiting room, and then he came up and he hold my hands and told me not to tell anybody what you saw."

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