Dad delivers his own son in Cortlandt Manor

March 22, 2012 6:40:22 PM PDT
Talk about a special delivery.

Without warning a mother in Cortlandt Manor suddenly began to give birth at home.

Unable to get to the hospital in time, a panicked father called 911.

Hugo and Dawn Chance can laugh about it now, but the birth of their son, Lemuel, last Friday night was a true test of the couple's strength.

After having sporadic contractions all day, Dawn suddenly felt massive pressure.

"I feel down and I can feel that his head is coming and he said, 'We need to call your doctor!' And I said, 'No, we need to call 911,'" Dawn Chance said.

Hugo's 911 call was answered by 26-year-old Westchester County operator Robert Bancroft.

Hugo Chance/Father: He's coming out!

Robert Bancroft/911 Operator: Ok sir, I'm going to give you instructions on how to help your wife, alright?

For seven minutes, Bancroft guided Hugo Chance, helping him coach his wife through the birth of their second son.

After just a few pushes, 4 pound, 12 ounce Lemuel was born in his parents' bedroom, right into his father's arms.

Hugo Chance/Father: Oh God, he's coming. He's out! He's coming. He's almost out.

Robert Bancroft/911 Operator: Let me know when he's out, alright sir?

Hugo Chance: He's out!

911 Operator: He's out?

Hugo Chance: Yes.

911 Operator: Ok is the baby crying or breathing?

Hugo Chance: No.

911 Operator: No? Hugo Chance: He's moving around now.

Within a minute, the sweet sound of Lemuel's first cries can be heard.

Doctors say he's perfectly healthy, thanks in part to this very calm 911 operator.

"Knowing you're helping someone, you feel good about it," Bancroft said.

"Truly a remarkable experience," Hugo Chance said.

The Chances say they'd love to meet Bancroft to thank him in person and to introduce him to the little boy he helped bring into the world.

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