Student arrested and charged for ice theft

March 22, 2012 2:34:42 PM PDT
A student who grabbed a cup of ice a community college's school cafeteria was issued a ticket with some pretty serious charges, after he says he didn't know the ice and cup cost 50 cents.

The video from the cafeteria at Brookdale Community College shows Cedric Calero paying for some fries, but then the video captured something else.

"I was about to ask the cashier for some ice and she walked away, so I grabbed a cup and some ice and sat down," said Cedric Calero, a student.

He says he didn't know he had to pay for ice even though the cup was behind the counter.

The cafeteria manager rushed over to his table.

"He told me that the police were coming, and I ask him, I pulled out money and said, 'How much does it cost?' He said, 'No let's just wait until the police get here,'" Calero said.

The police came and Calero was issued a ticket.

"Theft, larceny embezzlement, fraud with the temporary taking of property without permission of stolen goods, or possession of stolen goods without permission," said Bill Bajohr, Calero's attorney.

All for grabbing a cup of ice that sells for 50 cents.

Calero had a school disciplinary hearing and has to write a two-page essay on why it's important to follow the rules.

But Monday, he goes to a real court to face real and very serious criminal charges.

"Between the fees and me this is a $5,000 experience, for nothing!" Calero said.

But it is something the whole school is talking about.

The story has even made its way into at least one lesson plan.

"I'm a business major so we are talking about how we would feel business wise. (If it was your business would you be happy?) No, but I wouldn't give him a ticket!" said Jamie Dalton, a student.

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