Ob-gyns not asking patients enough questions

March 23, 2012 6:13:47 PM PDT
A new study found that many obstetrician-gynecologists do not ask their patients enough questions when it comes to their sex lives.

Almost two-thirds of ob-gyns regularly ask their patients about their sexual activity. The ones that do not are missing out on information that could provide clues to their patients overall health.

40% ask questions to diagnose a patient's sexual problems or dysfunction.

Very few, 29%, asked their patients if they were satisfied with their sex lives.

In fact, only 28% of doctors say they know their patient's sexual orientation.

Researchers from the University of Chicago say the findings show the need for stronger guidelines.

Some women assume because their doctor doesn't ask them about a certain topic, it's not important or not something the doctor deals with regularly.

One-third of women below middle age and half of older women experience problems such as pain, lack of pleasure, or low desire.

The study was published March 22 in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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