Investigation into 'Levittown Beatdown' video

March 29, 2012 7:38:23 PM PDT
A disturbing YouTube video is now under investigation by police in Nassau County.

The video shows a group of teenagers brutally beating a young man while he's on the ground in the street.

The video comes with a warning, it's disturbing to watch.

Nassau County Police are analyzing the video.

The video shows this was far from a fair fight.

The graphic video show a young man curled up on the ground and protecting his head, while a group of teens yell, kick and punch him.

Eyewitness News showed it to some local high school students who say it's repulsive.

"They think they're cool beating you that it will help their reputation," said Justin Spoljaric, a student.

"They're obviously not that tough if that many people have to beat up one guy," said Breanna Tardo, a student.

"What happens when that one kid being bullied shows up to school with a gun?" said Chris Champlin, a student.

The video is titled "Levittown Beatdown" but Nassau County Police and school district administrators say they don't know where or when it happened or who the kids are in the clip.

Local Legislator Rose Marie Walker says once they're caught the consequences should be stiff.

Legislator Rose Marie Walker says "I was appalled. To see the kids screaming. You can hear a girl saying 'Stop'. It made me sick to my stomach. What's going on with society?" Walker said, "It can't be a slap on the wrist. We have to come down hard on these kids."

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