Seeing plastic surgery results before the procedure

April 4, 2012 8:24:50 PM PDT
The new Vectra 3D camera assists plastic surgeons in showing their patients how they will look after a procedure before they have it done.

Anita Johnson takes a look at the future of her face. She wants a change, but a subtle one.

"I want to be me. I want to look a little bit youthful, but my age," said Anita Johnson, a patient.

Plastic surgeon Paul Loverme advises plumping her cheeks with the dermal filler, Juvederm, but Johnson was admittedly a little leery. With the Vectra 3D camera, she's able to get a preview of how she'll look after those Juvederm injections.

Dr. Loverme illustrates the change Johnson can expect with the Vectra.

It's not a dramatic shift, it'll be subtle, which is just what she wants.

"People come in and they're really afraid. They say I don't want to look like 'blank.' And they're really afraid of having too much," Dr. Loverme said.

The Vectra protects against overdoing it by calculating how much dermal filler a patient needs. The system's two years old, and has gone nationwide. 150 plastic surgeons use it.

"It is very accurate," Dr. Loverme said.

Dr. Loverme doesn't charge extra for this high tech first look, it's part of his consult fee.

"It gave me a greater level of comfort in my decision to have the doctor do this," Johnson said.

Reassured by the Vectra, Johnson gets her injections.

Comparing her predicted results and her actual results, the Vectra 3D camera has proven to be a good glimpse into the future.