Woman in a wheelchair beaten, robbed

April 11, 2012 2:31:15 PM PDT
A woman in a wheelchair was bound, beaten, and robbed inside her Bronx apartment.

"I was hit behind the head and put on the floor and duck taped," said Yoanca Martinez, robbery victim.

From her wheel-chair, Yoanca Martinez calmly recalls her encounter with two brazen thieves Tuesday morning.

As she prepared to leave the third floor apartment she shares with a roommate, the men forced their way in, pushed her to floor, and essentially ransacked the place.

'I was screaming for help, called the paramedics and untied me," Martinez said.

The gloved-robbers stole a laptop, three cell phones and a broken PlayStation 2.

A ripped-open mattress seems to indicate they may have been looking for more.

Martinez's roommate, not home at the time, insists they have nothing of value.

"They think I have something, which I don't. I don't have nothing. Everything they took was broken. We was trying to sell it, I'm keeping it real," said Melika Robinson, roommate.

The women claim their apartment is simply the latest in a string of robberies in the Mount Hope building, and point to a non-working camera system as evidence of the lax security.

A building supervisor acknowledges the cameras are currently being repaired, but denies there's a problem with robberies there.

Meanwhile, both women say they've packed-up their belongings because they no longer feel safe.

"Í don't feel comfortable being in the house by myself and right now me and my roommate are working on trying to find another place to go," Martinez said.

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