Couple says rental home is haunted house

April 16, 2012 1:46:28 PM PDT
They say it is a real life ghost story and a New Jersey husband and wife are suing their landlord over it.

The couple says their rented home is haunted by ghosts and they want out of their lease.

Eyewitness News walked through 100 Lowell Avenue to the room where paranormal investigators set up a recorder back in March and caught a voice on tape.

"I heard it say, 'I hate you' and the giggling," said Jesse Salmons, Shore Paranormal Research Society.

It's one of many reported occurrences that caused renters Michelle Callan and Josue Chinchilla to pack their kids and bolt after a few weeks.

It happened to Eyewitness News too. No one was near the switch.

Investigators footage one night showed a bowling pin in the basement that tumbled behind a guy.

The renters are suing for their security deposit back.

The homeowner's attorney says no to the refund, plus they're countersuing.

"We believe they want out of lease," said David Semanchik, the owner's attorney.

But what about the lights?

"He's seen them blink too, he tightens them," Semanchik said.

Was it paranormal activity that knocked down the pins, is there a ghost living in the house, and is that enough to break a lease?

So both sides will go to court and a new tenant will have to take their turn.

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