Stations charging $6 for gas with credit card

April 20, 2012 2:25:15 PM PDT
Some gas stations on Long Island are charging customers $2 more a gallon if they use their credit card to pay.

At many places the difference between cash and credit is about 10-cents a gallon.

But, some prices are starting to appear a whopping two dollars more topping out at $6.19!

It's a shock to some drivers.

"In New Jersey it's illegal. I think it's crazy. Most important at least put a sign up so people know what the difference is," a driver said.

It's funny they should mention that.

A state senator wants to let the buyer beware.

Lee Zeldin reportedly is working on legislation that would require the credit and cash prices to be posted on signs closest to the curb if the credit price is 7% higher than the cash price.

"You should be able to look at a sign and make your determination then and there. 'Do I want to pull in here? Do I have cash on me?'" a driver said.

AAA Spokesman Robert Sinclair, just hearing of the proposal, thinks if there is a need for legislation on these prices, the time is now.

"It certainly isn't going to be a 50% premium to process that credit card. It's really unfair what they are doing and that's what legislation needs to do, to cap the limit, the percentage at which a station can charge," said Robert Sinclair, AAA Spokesperson.

Drivers, still shaking off the shock of an additional two dollars just to use a card seem to agree with the limit legislation.

"They should post it. They should post it," a driver said.

Speaking of prices, have you noticed lately they have actually gone down a bit?

"We're only going to see maybe a fifteen to eighteen cent drop in the next couple of weeks. But that will be some extra relief," Sinclair said.

AAA will be watching to see if prices hold for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

Drivers will be looking to see if that legislation can hold down the cost of using plastic.

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