Couples make their own wedding rings

April 23, 2012 2:52:24 PM PDT
Wendy Brill is making a wedding ring for her fiancé Jon Stahl, and he's making one for her.

They're doing it along with goldsmith Sam Abbay's studio in the financial district.

"I like the idea I'm making it and it's for her," said Stahl.

You want to go back and forth and heat the metal evenly," said Abbay to the couple who's tapped into a rather romantic market.

"When people get to come in here and make them themselves, there's so much more to them," said Abbay.

It takes about 8 hours to go from a piece of metal to a beautiful band.

"We talk about the design," said Abbay. "We'll make their wedding rings."

Classes are $1000 plus supplies, and when Sam isn't instructing, he's documenting the moments.

"Almost everyone is delighted to be here so almost none of my couples get divorced," said Abbay.

But this is certainly a bonding experience, and you don't have to be artistic to get it right. It sounds like a great start to a marriage, with beautiful rings to seal the deal.

"When we eventually put them on each other's hands, that will be really special," said Brill.



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