Twitter war between fake Tebow, Hoboken mayor

April 23, 2012 2:29:48 PM PDT
Tim Tebow is having a hard time catching a break.

He's moving to Hoboken, but over the weekend a Twitter war heated up.

It involved a fake Twitter account and the mayor of Hoboken.

"Manning lives down there," a Hoboken resident said.

Yes indeed, and Eyewitness News hears 2 Constitution Court is where Jets backup, single sensation Tim Tebow is dropping anchor.

It's a nice high rise, with a sparkling view of the marina and Manhattan.

"Yes, he'll be living in my town," said Joan Rafter, a Hoboken resident.

"I hear a couple of Red Bulls live in town," said Manny Fernandez, a Hoboken resident.

"It's very quiet here, that's why they move here," said Xiomara Buduan, a Hoboken business owner.

The Tebow talk has caused a Twitter tussle between Mayor Dawn Zimmer and someone calling themselves: "@HobokenTimTebow".

The Tebow Twitter handle tweeted "Tebowken time!" and "Would love to buy you some Gatorade one day and take you on a walk around town, maybe read the Bible?"

Mayor Zimmer Tweeted back, "I am referring this to authorities. Our newest resident to Hoboken is entitled to his privacy and respect."

The building manager came out said Tebow is not moving in she hasn't seen him.

So is he leasing or not? And will football fans like Manny come to care?

"No. I just hope Manning has another great season," the Giants fan said.

Jets, Giants, Tebow, Manning, Hoboken's welcome mat is out.

"I'm not a big football fan, but I think it's wonderful," a resident said.

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