Chris Christie writes school excuse note for boy at event

May 2, 2012 8:27:16 PM PDT
11-year-old Peter Schwarz brushes off suggestions that things have changed now that he is on Youtube.

"I'm not a celebrity I'm still a normal kid," Schwarz said.

Governor Chris Christie gave him a note and signed it. It is now one of this 6th grader's prized possessions.

But that note from the governor was only half the story. For Schwarz, the most important part of his experience with the governor was finally getting someone to notice and help. It turns out, he has been having a really difficult time at school.

"It's like another day of pain, another 7 hours of being tortured. Some days nobody bothers me but other days people just don't leave me alone," Schwarz added.

Those feelings prompted him to ask the governor about his anti-bullying policy.

Schwarz said he understood the bullying law that the governor passed, but he did not understand what to do if a person of authority was bullying him.

Governor Christie responded first as a dad, by telling Schwarz that the first thing to do if someone is bullying you is to tell your parents.

Then he offered this advice as governor.

"If it turns out that at school this isn't going well, and you don't get satisfaction, maybe that person will get a call from the Commissioner of Education," Christie added.

Schwarz and his mother declined to identify the person who he says has been bullying him.

"It came from the heart, and it's just what I've been feeling, and I really just didn't want it to keep on going. I wanted it to stop," Schwarz said.

He also says that after meeting and talking to the governor about it he is now encouraged that some things at school may change.

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