Tips on getting your body ready for swimsuits

May 3, 2012 1:47:55 PM PDT
It won't be long before you'll find yourself at the beach or at the pool.

But will your body be ready for your bathing suit? Maybe that's the motivation you need to make a few easy healthy changes right now.

Starting today, try adding more whole grains to your diet.

The fiber keeps you feeling full longer.

"Even if you swap your rice, your bread, and your pasta from white to brown, making sure you get 100 percent whole grain options, you can do a tremendous amount of benefits to your health," said Kristin Kirkpatrick with Cleveland Clinic.

Try a little quinoa a whole grain that's high in fiber and protein.

Adding a little protein to your carbs will also help you feel full.

Like peanut butter or almond butter with apple slices or on top of your whole grain waffle. And a quick way to cut calories is to skip the daily high-calorie coffee drink.

"And we're not talking about the coffee, the black coffee you have at your house, we're talking about the coffee drinks you're stopping for on your way to work that are filled with calories and fat," adds Kirkpatrick.

And it's also the perfect time of year to plant a garden. Those who garden tend to eat more vegetables and you get a little extra physical activity.

And it's been shown that if you have kids and get them involved in the gardening, they are more likely to eat more fruits and veggies also. That could be an added bonus in addition to your new healthy body.

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