Son accused of killing father in Wilton, Conn. brutal attack

May 7, 2012 5:35:56 AM PDT
A gut-wrenching 911 call after a woman discovers her husband murdered in their home.


The alleged killer, their own son who claimed voices, aliens and magical powers all led to the violent crime.

Aaron Ramsey appeared in court this morning wearing a hospital gown and a blank expression.

The 22-year old is accused of savagely murdering his father last night after allegedly hearing voices.

Edward Ramsey was found in a pool of blood by his wife who then called 911.

According to police Ramsey got into an argument with his father at their home in Wilton, a dome shaped structure secluded in the woods.

Ramsey told investigators he punched his 73-year old father, hit him with a bench, then stabbed him in the stomach, groin, head and heart and then stomped on him with his feet.

After the attack police say Aaron Ramsey ran through the woods to a neighbor's house and tried to steal a car.

Ramsey moved on to another house where he went in through a sliding door, laid down and tried to go to sleep.

He was arrested without incident but leaving his mother in a state of anguish.

Ramsey has been arrested on drug charges before. He's being held on $1 Million bail.

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