Apps to help you fight allergies

May 4, 2012 8:09:45 PM PDT
These days you can find an app for just about anything, even to fight allergies.

The great thing is these apps are in our phones - always with us - like tissues. They can tell you based on where you are and when can figure out what pollen is killing you, where the nearest pharmacy is and where to find a reputable allergist.

"Not everybody's allergic to the same things, and a lot of these apps are free," Lance Ulanoff of Mashable said.

Lance points us to Allergy Advisor and Allergy Track. Both are free. Then there is also an app from

Zocdoc can help to find an allergist near you, and then you might need a pharmacist. That's when app like AroundMe can help.

Then there is remind me, but it's spelled Rxmind Me.

"Half the time people are suffering it's because they forgot to take their flonase or zyrtec," ulanoff said.

So remind me gives you a little alarm that goes off, all of which we hope will make you feel better.

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