Website helping kids prepare for the future

May 7, 2012 2:39:46 PM PDT
Students at the high school called the Preparatory Academy for Writers in Queens plan their futures by using a website.

"I find it extremely helpful. It gives you a lot of different resources and different ways to find or make a plan of action as to what you're going to do when preparing for college," Brianne DeVeille said.

The site is called Big Future.

"It helps me find different careers and different opportunities for me later on that would be very helpful for me to use while choosing my college to go to," Dwayne Moore said.

There are other websites created to allow shopping for college online, and they've become very popular over the past several years.

Big Future was created by the College Board, which has academic input at several city high schools. It includes interview segments with college students and staff. Actor and education advocate, Hill Harper, is helping to promote the free website.

"There are different types of programs that fit different types of people in different types of situations, whether it's geographic, whether it's economic, whether it's what you actually want to study; what's your passion about; and so this tool helps you figure these things out," Harper said.

Such sites are also a tool for high school guidance counselors.

"It's everything that I want them to be able to have right there when it comes to preparing for the S.A.T.'s, registering for the S.A.T.'s, selecting a college; it's like everything is right there," guidance counselor Jordana James said.

Teacher Mary Anne Haarhaus has a son entering college this year.

"I think, given today's society the way children get their information in these quick bytes, that shopping online is a brilliant idea," she said.


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