Gym causing headaches for neighbors

May 10, 2012 3:11:21 PM PDT
You can hear the music all the way down and across the street, but those who work near Crossfit King of the Beach say the music isn't so much the problem as the constant grunting and banging of weights on the floor.

"You can't be sitting across the table from a client and discussing a million dollar portfolio and hearing 'boom boom boom' constantly," Joe Hamlet said.

Hamlet says he along with other neighbors have asked the gyms owners to quiet it down, but they haven't. So now they're suing for excessive noise and emotional distress - we heard what people are talking about when we tried to talk to the gyms owner he shut the door on us.

Sean Pastuch owns a physical therapy office next door and Is partners with the owner of the gym

"When everything is said and done we will talk to you guys but we would appreciate some privacy for our members while they try to get themselves into shape," Pastuch said.

The owner of a barbershop is part of the suit. Boris works inside and says sometimes the vibrations coming from the weights dropping in the gym are so bad it makes it hard for him to work.

"I work in here. Come in customer. I take shave or haircut. Shake. Couple time I cut," he said.

The gym owners had no comment today because of the pending lawsuit.

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