Tips to save on your monthly cable bill

May 16, 2012 6:53:11 AM PDT
To maximize savings on home phone, internet, and cable, bundles can be the best bargains.

But don't stop there.

Consumer Reports says there's more ways to cut that bill.

Start by keeping tabs on what you really use.

Keep services flexible.

Try to avoid contracts with early cancellation fees.

If you're watching more and more programming on your computer or tablet consider:

  • dumping your d-v-r. Your cable provider may include a "video-on-demand" service with your t-v tab anyway.
  • ask about a basic plan. Local free channels plus 20 or so in cable's basic tier.
  • or cut the cable cord completely, and go back to free t-v with an antenna. And haggling still works too, even if your area lacks competition.

    Of the consumer reports readers surveyed who tried to bargain with their provider, 90 percent, got a break, ranging from price cuts to waived fees to free premium channels.