Etiquette in a digital age

May 17, 2012 2:49:58 PM PDT
Her name is synonymous with etiquette, so imagine if Emily Post were alive, what she'd think of our behavior in this age of digital overload.

"I'm not going to jump your news that you're having a baby or you're getting married in the real world, don't do it on line either," Anna Post said.

She should know, she's Emily's great, great granddaughter. Anna weighed in on Intel's annual Mobile Etiquette survey, which found an overwhelming number of respondents, 85 percent, admit they actively share information online.

"You lose that filter when you just, 'Oh, let me throw this up right now or put on line right from the device,'" Post said.

The top pet peeves are the constant complainers, those who post inappropriate pictures and the person who simply shares what should otherwise be private.

"I don't like to put too much information online (such as) where I was last night or what I'm doing tonight," one person told us.

Doing so, Anna believes, can lead to missteps. Eight-one percent of those surveyed this year felt our mobile manners were poor, compared to 75 percent last year.

To avoid awkward situations, Anna suggests scaling back a bit, listening to feedback from friends and having a positive policy.

"That doesn't mean you have to be Mary Sunshine about everything but stay away from the sparks, complaining, sharp digs and really, really divisive posts you may put up," Post said.

She believes in time we'll sort things out, kind of like knowing exactly which fork to use.

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