Investigation: A school's shocking secret

May 21, 2012 2:45:29 PM PDT
The George Henry Murray Christian Academy run by a Baptist church in Brooklyn has been keeping a secret from the parents.

When Raymond Dean was hired as a custodian, parents were never told about his past. In 1998, Dean served 4 years in prison after being convicted of raping a 7-year-old and 13-year-old. A past never told to the parents because the church says Dean strictly works in the church. But our surveillance video shows Dean going in and out of the main entrance to the school again and again, he sweeps the schools' sidewalks. He's often in close proximity to children as he cleans up next to the playground. He even has keys to the schools' doors .

HOFFER: We wanted to talk to you about whether you think it's a good idea to be working at a school?
DEAN: What are you talking about.

When we confronted the custodian, he seemed determine to keep his past secret.

DEAN: You have me mixed up with somebody else.
HOFFER: If it's not you then talk to us, well Mr. Dean explain yourself, this is clearly you?
DEAN: Listen my man please step back from me.
REPORTER: Don't you see why it's a concern to parents that your working here?
DEAN: Anybody it should be a concern of.

Parents seemed upset at not being told about the custodian's child rape conviction.

HOFFER: We're wondering if you knew that?
PARENT: No. I didn't know that? No

One parent requested he not be identified:

"I think we should have been made aware of this... I should have been told. I have a right as a parent to be told about a sex offender that's working here," he said.

The church says while it was aware of Dean's past, they had felt no need to inform parents since he was hired as the church custodian. There is also no current law requiring that parents be told and there is no law in New York that prohibits sex offenders from working at churches, schools or any other place with children. The one exception is an ice cream truck. Senator Charles Schumer says that's absurd:

"We know that these sex offenders are rarely, rarely rehabilitated. They can be in jail for 15-20 years and when they let out far too high a percentage go back to doing the same awful deeds," Senator Schumer said.

Schumer says a federal law he's introduced is close to passage that would make it illegal in every state for sex offenders to work any place where there are children.

HOFFER: Should you be working at a school, considering your conviction as a rapist, you spent four years in prison for rape of a child?
DEAN: It wasn't me.

There's a long list of places where convicted sex-offenders can work, including as dance instructors, magicians, carnival workers and children museums. Senator Schumer's measure would prohibit employment in these types of jobs.


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