Man passed out on lawn robbed repeatedly

May 23, 2012 5:06:47 AM PDT
A man in Westchester County who passed out in someone's yard for several hours became the robbery victim of some passersby.

Some men came by and noticed him on the ground, but they didn't call 911 to get help in case he was injured or ill.

Instead, one of the men started rooting through his pockets, and at one point actually picked him up, then threw off his shoes so he could check his socks for cash.

About an hour later, as a bar down the street was letting out, a woman and a man came upon him and started rooting around for valuables. The woman took his belt. In time, many simply stepped over the victim, while others looked around for valuables. But nobody tried to help the man.

A surveillance was camera installed by Sean McNerney and his wife, Elly Trickett, after a number of incidents they believe are related to that bar happened down the street. They would have never bothered to even look at the tape, but on Sunday morning, Trickett started to walk in the backyard to do some gardening and found the man.

Trickett and McNerney started looking through the video to see how the man got there.

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