Man sues ex-fiancee for bailing on wedding

May 23, 2012 1:34:52 PM PDT
A Manhattan man is suing his ex-fiancé for making a habit out of dumping him.

He says he not only has a broken heart, but a broken bank account too and he wants some of the money he spent, back.

It is a leap of faith, planning a wedding, not to mention pledging lifelong commitment so for 29-year-old Steven Silverstein, who lives on east 86th street, when things didn't go as he planned twice, well, that was the final straw.

Silverstein now suing his ex-fiancée Kendra Platt-Lee in Manhattan for all the expenses he says he incurred during their engagement.

It ended, and then started again then, ended again. Platt-Lee returned the $30,000 engagement ring but Silverstein still wants her to pay her share of their rent during their time together, $28,000 and there's more than 19 grand, he says was his in their joint bank account.

Plus more than $13,000 in wedding deposits, all of it, he says "in contemplation of their impending marriage", but does he have a case?

"The engagement ring falls under a very established body of law, the other stuff is not gonna fly," said Raoul Felder, a Matrimonial Lawyer.

Experts say the case law is not on his side.

The question is will he get anything or, will it cost him more including some humiliation.

Silverstein's lawyer says, "This is not for hurt feelings, everything is based upon actual banking records and contracts".

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