Rosaries never delivered update

Seven On Your Side
May 25, 2012 10:20:43 PM PDT
Michelle Hintzsche is accused of defrauding many victims.

Authorities say Keepsake Rosaries is a sham, taking money from consumers, promising to make precious rosaries from funeral flowers, but delivering nothing but heart break.

Hintzsche's lawyer asked for leniency from felony prosecution in court this week, based on family issues which he says kept her from performing her work.

"It was her intention to perform the work," the attorney said when we asked why she kept taking other people's money.

"If you want issues, I'll give you a laundry list of issues that's been going on in my family as well, but if you have a business you have responsibility to people," Eileen McShane said.

The owner of Keepsake Rosaries was arrested last month. 7 On Your Side first confronted her two years ago when Hintzsche took the money, but failed to deliver 2 sets of rosaries. One was made from funeral flowers of a baby boy who died of SIDs.

"I have to get better at communicating," Hintzsche told us then.

But the business practice did not improve. In fact, authorities say it became criminal. Detectives showed us unopened boxes of flowers dating back to 2011 and, they say, as far as they know all the checks were cashed.

"She emailed me saying she had my rose petals," McShane explained. "She said to me in an email if I hadn't gone to the police, I would have them a week ago. I don t know where that comes from."

I'm not sure I can work with you, but I know her intentions are to get you your product back.

"Make my product absolutely or get my money back," McShane said.

By the end of that week, the McShane's beloved mothers memory was finally honored.

Hintzsche lawyers said all of Keepsake Rosaries customers will get their finished products or their flowers and money back. Some customers are from as far away as France. Hinske plead not guilty to the fraud charges and will be back in court next month.



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