Are the worst drivers in New York or New Jersey?

June 5, 2012 2:24:48 PM PDT
A new report is fueling the debate about which state has the better drivers - New York or New Jersey.

According to a poll by New Jersey Press Media, 7 out of 10 New Jersey drivers say New York drivers are the worst.

Eyewitness News videotaped drivers in New Jersey and Staten Island and saw tailgating, a school bus going through a red light, as well as no signaling. There were also red light gunners, indecisive drivers in the middle of the intersection as well as a motorcycle in a crosswalk and a city bus sail through an orange red light.

Then, at the intersection of New Dorp and Hyland Blvd, three cars took a red light. They go right through, and then gun it.

Al Lambert has a New Jersey plate in a New York holder.

"When you're on the Parkway every 5 minutes, someone will go past at 103 miles per hour - nonsense!" Lambert says.

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