New details in "Millionaire Madam" case

June 11, 2012 5:11:46 PM PDT
It's all in an affidavit Anna Gristina's attorneys will file on Tuesday seeking to get the charges against her dismissed.


It's all in an affidavit Anna Gristina's attorneys will file on Tuesday seeking to get the charges against her dismissed.

Sources tell us Gristina's affidavit is 49 paragraphs and that she details how she was intercepted in Midtown, her confusion as to whether or not she was going to be arrested, and the pressure to give up information on big name clients.

It was here in Midtown as she arrived at the Park Avenue offices of Morgan Stanley for a meeting last February that Anna Gristina says detectives picked her up. Sources claim in an affidavit, Gristina details how she was put her in a black car and driven to Soho to a building that houses the Manhattan District Attorney's official Corruption Unit.

Gristina claims she was interrogated for hours on the seventh floor and told not to worry when she asked if she needed an attorney, that she could be a big help to prosecutors. In an exclusive interview last week, Gristina's husband told me his wife was repeatedly asked about names on a list, names of suspected clients.

"They laid out a list of names and they said tell me what you know about these people and we will let you go," Kelvin Gorr said.

In our intevrview, Gorr gave some hints about the men on that list.

"Billionaires, Mutli-millionaires, yes," he said.

Sources say Gristina's affidavit, without giving names, will offer more details about the men prosecutors wanted to know about. She also claims they gave her a warning, saying: "If you get in touch with any of these names, all bets are off. We'll see in a few weeks if you're willing to cooperate with us."

The very next day, Gristina was hauled into court, charged with a single count of prostitution and bail set at a whopping $2 million. Her family so far has been unable to post it.

"People are going to say she's brought this on herself, and she's paying the price," Gorr said. "Whether she's guilty or not, it gives them no right to set a $2 million dollar bail. She's being treated unfair."

Late last week, Gristina's husband headed back to court - this time to an Appellate court, where attorneys argued their case in front of a five-justice panel. The argument that the $2 million dollars bail was being used as an "interrogation tool" - Punishment, in essence, to force Gristina to cooperate. The panel has not yet ruled.

Even if the appellate panel rules Gristina's bail should be reduced, a lower court judge would still have to approve the financials. As for that motion to be filed on Tuesday, sources tell us there will also be legal questions raised about her arrest and the timing of the indictment.


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