Man takes out ad in search of biological parents

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June 13, 2012 1:46:42 PM PDT
A little ad tucked away in a small local paper, but the words tell an entire story.

It's a story of perseverance, grate fullness and urgency.

"I kind of feel like I'm running out of time," said John Schwarz.

Schwarz of California is the one behind the ad.

For the past 10 years he's been trying to find his birth parents on Long Island.

And now he's flown all the way across the country to Port Jefferson to see what he can find on the ground.

"Hopefully they're still alive and healthy but chances of finding everyone alive is feeling like kind of diminishing to me," adds Schwarz.

Schwarz was born in Port Jefferson in June of 1972.

"I was in foster care for about two months and got placed with my parents in august of 1972 they lived in Baldwin," he adds.

That couple was Stephen and Linda Schwarz.

When Schwarz turned four they moved to Alaska and then onto California.

The couple eventually had their own child Schwarz's brother Mark.

It was when Schwarz began to have his own family, first his son Jack, 10 years ago that he began to really think about his birth parents.

"It just hit me that I had never searched them out. What if they were reaching out and what if they needed something from me that I could provide," he adds.

Schwarz petitioned New York State twice to have his birth records unsealed but like most applicants he was denied.

But it was from Nassau County that he got some hints what they call non identifying information.

He found out that his mom was 17 and graduated high school and was accepted to a local community college.

But most importantly Scharwz found out that his father, 19 at the time of his birth was a fraternal twin.

He's been scouring through yearbooks and really whatever he can find at the Port Jefferson library.

Keeping track of every piece of information no matter how big or small.

All hoping to achieve that moment when he might be able to look in his parents eyes.

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