Man trapped under car rescued by Good Samaritans

June 15, 2012 2:25:45 PM PDT
As an English teacher at Commack High School, Charles Schulz's daily life is normally pretty calm.

That was not the case on Thursday. He was sitting at Heckscher State Park in Huntington with his wife and newborn daughter.

"All of a sudden there's screaming coming from the parking lot," Schulz said. "This jogger comes down the trail and said, 'Hurry there's a man trapped underneath his car!' The jack fell off."

Schulz didn't think twice and ran down to the car where 47 year old Jose Rios of Huntington Station was trapped.

As Schulz was trying to figure out what he was going to do, another Huntington resident Johnny Greenlaw came riding by on his bike

"I said let's just lift the car. There's enough of us here to do this," he said.

Another man helped Greenlaw and Schulz lift the car. As it slowly came up, two women pulled Rios from underneath

"He was bleeding from the face and he had a big mark on his chest," Greenlaw said.

But Greenlaw says he was conscious and talking to EMS when they arrived. Greenlaw and Schulz didn't even exchange names with each other. They didn't even know Rios' name until hearing it this morning.

Rios was transported to Huntington Hospital, where he was treated with non-life threatening injuries.

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