Resolving car payment problem

7 On Your Side with Nina Pineda

Seven On Your Side
June 15, 2012 8:24:41 PM PDT
He traded in 2 cars for 2 new ones and thought the deal was done. But when the bills for the old cars kept coming and the dealership was slow to fix the problem the father of 2 got Nina Pineda and 7 on his side.

Nina Pineda: "I know you're in there because you shut the door when you saw me coming".

That was the reception we got at Hackensack Chevrolet, no one coming forward to explain why a customers car--traded-in for a new truck in March still wasn't paid off.

"I'm pretty upset like you should be bleeping this out right now, I'm really upset," said Bill Stewart.

That's because Bill Stewart is on the hook for more than 22 grand all for a car he no longer owns.

The new dad whose wife is expecting kid number two, traded in two vehicles when he bought a Traverse for his wife and a Silverado for himself last March, but the titles were left in his name, saddling the construction foreman with four car payments at one point.

Bill says the balance on his wife's car was finally paid last month but Valley National Bank which holds the note on the truck says Hackensack Chevy bounced his car's payoff check.

"It's just ridiculous! There's just zero customer service," he said.

No one took responsibility at the dealership, proudly advertising it's under new ownership.

But a day after our visit, "I got a call the check was deposited and it cleared it was a bank check." Bill's bank confirming the dealership finally paid the loan that over time had ballooned to nearly $24,000.

"It was absolutely awesome, as soon as you guys got involved things started to happen," he adds.

A dealership rep told us the company's check didn't clear because they stopped payment on it after realizing bill's bank incorrectly charged them for insurance. But why did they only resolve it after 3 months and our calls? The rep blamed that on "new management" and "a lot of confusion."



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