"Cash mob" organized to support Bergen County store

June 16, 2012 8:21:19 PM PDT
What do you get when you cross a whole bunch of well-meaning shoppers with a mom and pop Main street store that could use some business?

You get what's called a "cash mob" -- and that's what happened Saturday in Glen Rock, New Jersey.

It was all part of a campaign to support a neighborhood store that was started by a resident and gained support on Facebook.

Among the shoppers who turned out Saturday to do their part was Glen Rock resident Sue Nappi.

"I've lived in Glen Rock close to 20 years and seen a lot of changes in the town, so it's nice to see that this hardware store is still here. It's one of the few stores that's still here," said Nappi.

Why rally neighbors and Facebook friends to support a little store on Main street?

The answer is under your feet.

Geno Paolucci, the owner of Glen Rock Paint and Hardware, has made improvements, but never replaced the creaky floors.

"A customer of mine, I've known him for ten years, he remembered coming here with his father about 35,45 years ago and walked on these same creaky floors," said Paolucci.

And that customer wanted to help Geno and the store stick around and even get a little boost.

So he organized the cash mob.

"I think it's great any way anyone can come out and support the local businesses," said Nappi.

"As everybody knows, it's a struggle for any business."

Nice to know that in this big box, big business world of ours -- some things under our noses haven't changed.

Like creaky floors, and friendliness.

And there are still stores where they know which rake you need, where it is and can tell you the price.

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