Rings left in hospital chapel as anonymous donation

June 18, 2012 4:16:54 PM PDT
Margalie Alphonse noticed it just moments after the noon mass on Wednesday inside the chapel at St. Vincent's Medical center in Bridgeport - a folded envelope sitting in front of the Virgin Mary statue.

"I see what it is, I felt touched. I said oh my God. I'm gonna try to find the right person to give it to," Alphonse said.

Inside the envelope was an anonymous note written on some bandage wrapping and signed by a 'cancer survivor's wife.' It read, 'I would like to donate this ring to cancer patients'. Taped to the bottom of the note was a beautiful engagement ring and wedding band.

"This person has a tremendously big heart and a special heart, and if I could find her what I would like to say to her is thank you and that we are going to use this gift in a very special way to help others," said President of St. Vincent's Medical Center, Dr. Stuart Marcus.

Hospital administrators checked records and reviewed security camera video but could not identify the anonymous donor, and that's okay.

"We would love for this woman to step forward," added Dr. Marcus

In her note , the donor says the ring has an appraised value of $3,300. Administrators told Eyewitness News that they have received preliminary indications that other donors would like to match that contribution - all for a precious gift most would agree is priceless.

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