Art takes Times Square

June 19, 2012 7:14:56 PM PDT
It's the kind or party you'd expect to thrown in Times Square and right in the middle of the madness.

A woman who's name and artwork now hovers high above things at the Crossroads of America.

"It's absolutely incredible. It's the greatest feeling of all. It's a huge pinnacle; it's like getting 30 years of publicity in one day," artist Vicki DaSilva said.

You see Vicki is the grand prize winner of a global contest. Some 35-thousand artists entered. 2 million people viewed the works online. A team at Artists Wanted looked at the top 1 percent of votes to decide what to bring to Times Square.

"Our goal is to bring art from outside the galleries and to show it in ways that are really exciting, fun, enticing and in ways that people who wouldn't normally see art or participate can really get into," Will Etund of Artists Wanted said.

Get into and used to looking at art being displayed on the largest canvas out there.

Vicki creates light graffiti, a form of still photography done in low light. A camera is set so the lens stays open indefinitely; the movement of the lamp is captured. The end result is the art that you'll now see in Times Square.

"I ultimately wanted to be a graffiti writer, but I was afraid and studying photography. It just all came together and I can get my message out legally with light graffiti," Vicki said.

A team from the organization Chashama also worked on this project. Its mission is to take underutilized spaces and dress them with art.

"If you were to rent it as a commercial buyer, it would cost 60-thousand dollars for 14 days for a minute every hour so the value is huge," Anita Durst of Chashama said.


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