Braised short ribs from Villa Genarro

June 22, 2012 3:00:28 PM PDT
Tony Hane loves to do and you can feel the love at his restaurant Villa Gennaro in Edison.

The menu is extensive. Pizzas play a big part with their brick oven pizza. There are subs and more involved fare, like the homemade parpadella with braised short ribs, mushrooms and tomatoes.

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You will need the following ingredients:

4 Short Ribs
2 cups of beef stock
2 cups of red wine
2 cups of mushrooms (of your choice)
1 cup of sun dried tomatoes
1 cup of crushed plum tomatoes
All purpose flour
Semolina flour
6 Eggs
Olive Oil
Canola Oil

Preparing the Short Ribs:

1. Coat the short ribs in a layer of all purpose flour
2. Add canola oil to sauté pan at medium heat
3. Place the ribs in the sauté pan until golden brown on all sides.
4. Once the ribs have been slightly sautéed, place them in a baking dish along with the beef stock, red wine, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, and crushed plum tomatoes along with a dash of salt and pepper.
5. Preheat your oven to 450 F and place the baking dish in for approximately 3 ½ hours.

Preparing the Papardelle:

1. Add 1 cup of all purpose flour and 1 cup of semolina flour into the mixing bowl along with half a tablespoon of salt.
2. In the center of your mixing bowl, add 4 egg yolks and 2 entire eggs to the flour mixture.
3. Knead the flour and egg mixture while adding 4 tablespoons of olive oil (one spoon at a time) until you get the right consistency.
4. After you have your dough ball, wrap up the dough in saran wrap and place in your refrigerator for 1 hour.
5. After your dough has been refrigerated, you are now ready to roll it into the pasta sheet.
6. Put it through the roller about 5-8 times, depending on the desired thickness. (Be sure to add flour to the pasta to prevent it from sticking to any surfaces or onto itself)
7. Once the desired thickness is attained, roll the pasta and cut it into ¾ inch thick noodles.

Completing the Dish:

1. Remove the meat of the short rib from the bone, and slice to an appropriate size.
2. Place in a pan along with the sauce with which it was braised and bring to a simmer.
3. Cook the pasta by adding a pinch of salt to boiling water and letting the pasta sit in this water for at least 1 minute. (no more than 2 minutes)
4. Drain the pasta, and add it to your simmering sauce, cook for 15 seconds, and plate.

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