Young girl and brother survive home invasion

June 26, 2012 2:51:42 PM PDT
Two children in Florida are safe after a harrowing ordeal. They were home by themselves when a gang of burglars suddenly broke in.

It began with an innocent knock but quickly turned something much more frightening.

"I got up and I saw them, I looked like this and I saw them taking the screen off the window."

10-year-old Darren Stannis was home alone with his 13-year-old sister Alexis when three people broke into their home.

"I saw them, right there," says Alexis Stannis. "I was just peaking out right here - just to see them. And, then, I said, 'Darren, let's go, they're trying to break in. So, me and Darren go run into my room."

From inside her bedroom, Alexis called 9-1-1.

"Me and my brother are home alone," Alexis tells 9-1-1, "and these two guys are in our back yard trying to break in." When 9-1-1 asks Alexis if they're in the house, she says "I think so."

Alexis and Darren hid in the closet waiting for police to arrive.

"I'm really scared," Alexis told 9-1-1, to which they replied "I understand. The police are on the way, okay, I'm going to stay right here on the phone with you Alexis until they get there."

When Sherriff's deputies did arrive, they arrested three teenage burglars. Darren and Alexis made it out unharmed.

"You can't help but be impressed by her courage and her bravery - and her calmness," said the Sherriff's office.

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