Watch NY Med on ABC 7

August 7, 2012 1:26:17 PM PDT
They are some of the most revered medical experts in the country -- and they happen to call New York City home.For an entire year, ABC cameras had unprecedented access to document the mayhem and the miracles that occur daily around the surgeons at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and the affiliated Columbia and Weill Cornell Medical Centers as well as Brooklyn's Luthern Medical Center.

The end result was "NY Med," an eight-part series that takes a candid look into what goes on in the emergency room as some of the top surgeons use cutting-edge medicine, pure intuition -- and a little luck -- to help care for addicts, celebrities and regular Joes alike.

In "Episode 105," which airs Tuesday, August 7 at 10:00 p.m. on ABC 7, viewers will meet the following patients, doctors and nurses:

  • Andree Brown is a professional, single mother who raised her college-aged son alone. She has lots of friends, interests and plans until a visit to the doctor reveals cancer in her breast. Viewers are right there with her when she learns whether the disease has spread and what her prognosis might be. It is an acutely intimate portrait of a woman struggling to reclaim her life.

  • Arundi Mahendran and Anthony Watkins return to be part of a team performing a risky living donor liver transplant in which a 21-year old man gives half of his liver to his 19-year old brother. In theory, both halves of the liver should regenerate to normal size inside each of the brothers. However this surgery, which many hospitals refuse to allow, has sometimes led to complications resulting in the death of the donor. After the operation, Arundi and Anthony share a comical lunch during which Arundi tries to give Anthony advice on his marriage.

  • Ben van Boxtel has the clean-cut good looks of the all-American son of Green Bay, Wisconsin that he is. A first-year emergency medicine resident, his good natured, even-tempered disposition serve him well as he is forced to deal with some obnoxious intoxicated patients and as he tries to calm the chaos that engulfs a rescue team trying to save a woman injured in a car crash. Ben's facade of control crumbles when colleagues decide to pull a prank on him in a scene that viewers are unlikely to soon forget.

    "NY Med" follows the irascible, compassionate and, at times, cocky attending surgeons who try to change the trajectory of lives by relying on sheer medical brilliance and a healthy dose of old fashioned good luck. The eight-part series takes a candid look at how cutting edge medicine often makes the difference, although even the best surgeons can find themselves flirting with disaster. The raucous ER staff trades jibes with strong-willed New Yorkers in moments that can be poignantly heartbreaking or off-the-hook hilarious. These doctors spend far more time with each other than with their families, developing complicated and intertwined personal relationships.

    "Medicine is a universal subject. At some point in our lives we or those we love will become patients for one reason or another," said Terry Wrongm the show's executive producer. "This series takes you behind the curtain to learn about those we depend on to fix us and how sometimes they just can't."

    Watch the show Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. this summer on ABC 7!