Wipeout game show saves pastor's life

July 12, 2012 1:35:26 PM PDT
It's hard to resist watching the contestants on the ABC show "Wipeout" getting tossed around the obstacle course like rag dolls. But one of those contestants quickly learned that being tossed around was exactly the reason his life was saved.

Jason Poznaks, 41, is a children's ministry pastor in Carlsbad, Calif. He said his kids encouraged him to participate in the show.

"I think more than 85,000 people applied on the season. For us to go through the audition and actually get on was a lot of fun. We dedicated it to the children and the youth that we serve. I think my catchphrase was 'This is for every kid that wanted me to be wiped out,'" Poznaks laughed.

But as most contestants do, Poznaks got banged up pretty badly throughout the course of the show.

"I took some pretty heavy hits and had some severe pain for a few days," he explained.

Poznaks was having severe headaches and eyesight problems after the show, so he visited the optometrist on June 11 thinking all he needed was new contact lenses.

"The first symptom was loss of peripheral vision in both eyes. So I went to the optometrist first. He just apologized and said my eyes are perfect. This is a neurological issue," said Poznaks.

Following doctor's orders, Poznaks immediately made an appointment with a neurologist. This is when he first discovered he had a brain tumor.

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