What creature washed ashore along East River?

July 25, 2012 2:47:07 PM PDT
It is one part gross and one part fascinating.

Photographer Denise Ginley said that living in Chinatown, she sees her fair share of horribly crushed rats, but never anything like this.

"I saw those big teeth it has big teeth with bone exposed where it's top jaw should be, is just bone, like teeth are missing," she said.

She found the animal lying on its side in the sand along the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge.

"We were like, is that someone's pet dog that fell in the river? We looked more closely, and we were like, 'that's not a dog'," Ginley added.

She eventually mustered up the courage to hop over the railing to get a closer look so she could start taking pictures.

Denise said that the animal's skin was grey, blue or green in some areas ? and other parts were red. She said that it sort of had a raccoon face and was bloated and didn't smell.

Appropriately named the Manhattan Monster, following in the footsteps of the Montauk Monster from 2008, which officials agreed was a raccoon, was the reason why Denise photographed this furless creature.

The Parks Department eventually came and removed it and told Eyewitness News it was the carcass of a cooked pig.

"But if it's someone's barbecue, why didn't they eat any of it? Like who cooks a pig and throws it in the river?" adds Ginley.

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