8 women arrested accused in stabbing of veteran on subway

July 30, 2012 1:05:13 PM PDT
He survived the rice paddies of Vietnam. But he barely survived the subways of New York.

A Vietnam vet is speaking out about the gang of girls and young women who attacked him with their fists, and stabbed him with a knife after he complained about their rowdy behavior on the train from Queens to Manhattan.

The victims ordeal ended at /*Union Square*/ and he's recovering but still dazed by what he encountered.

/*When I reached 14th street I was bleeding profusely. My shoulder was totally red, it was a traumatic experience," said /*Ralph Camegary*/.

Eight women have been charged in connection with the stabbing.

The incident happened on the 6 train heading downtown early Sunday after Ralph says the women were being rowdy and making a lot of noise.

"I made a derogatory, sarcastic remark to my friend, i said , these girls must be retarded because they can't hear themselves and things escalated from there," he said.

One suspect stood up, he says, then another. He stood up hoping to defuse the situation when one woman landed a blow to his shoulder.

"I thought she just hit me in the shoulder but when she drew back I saw the knife and I was backing up because she was lunging at me," he adds.

A good samaritan, /*James Santiago*/ was able to cover Ralph's back.

"When they tried to get up on the chairs to get at him, I got in between them and corraled the rest of them," he said.

He held five of them at bay while Ralph is facing three others, but then he heard one of the girls say she wanted to cut him and saw them swinging a knife. He managed to get it away from her.

By that time the train pulled into the Union Square station where Ralph got off and police were able to arrest eight suspects, the youngest 15, and the oldest 20.

It was a fight the veteran did not expect.

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