Bloomberg puts support behind breastfeeding

August 1, 2012 5:38:11 PM PDT
Mayor Bloomberg is once again taking on another health campaign.

First it was smoking and sugary drinks, now the mayor has become an advocate for breastfeeding.

But should the mayor mandate such a personal decision?


"It's too personal to get involved with, in terms of laws," said Adina McGinley.

But the Mayor is making it his business, because he says breast-feeding is much healthier than formula. And most doctors agree.

"We're not making anyone do it. We're suggesting," he said. Bloomberg adds, "And the same thing with sugared-drinks, we're not limiting, I was behind a truck this morning and they said don't limit drinks. We're not limiting. It's just the size of the cup so you can take more cups. In this case if you can do it you do it if you can't."

So for new mothers, doctors will have to sign off on a reason to use formula instead of breast milk.

The city will monitor bottle usage in hospitals and Bloomberg's prohibiting formula promotion in hospitals.

And if you think the mayor interferes too much on things like big sugary-drinks, or smoking in bars or restaurants, and now this, he has no intention of backing down.

"Anything we can think of that will improve your expectancy in New York City is three years greater than it on average in the United States, why don't you just focus on the big number," he adds.

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