Why work out with 1 trainer when you can have a team?

July 31, 2012 3:02:52 PM PDT
When you workout do you prefer to join a class, do it on your own or work with a personal trainer?

One class gives you the guidance of a personal trainer and quite the workout.

"It's so different than any other studio I've been to," Jennifer Weinstein says.

Weinstein says she's worked out lots of places, but at The Fitness Cell Collective, the classes are very small to give you the sense that you're in a personal training session, which is how The Fitness Cell got its start. The owners were so maxed out, they had to offer group sessions.

Like most classes, there's a warm up to start, and then clients move from one area of the studio to the next. There are some machines, like the erg. There's floor work, kettle bells and combinations of all of those.

Owner Boaz Saar has had military training in Israel, but he and the other owners, Larry Twohig and John Cruz, all have a background in martial arts as well.

"We incorporate the spriti of martial arts in every routine we do," Saar said.

So there's an emphasis on deliberate movements and poise, but don't be fooled. The Fitness Cell Collective will get you sweating and sometimes even more.

In the evenings, a whole different mood. The disco lights go on and the fog machine helps set the mood. So whether you're on the monkey bars or the rings, you start to forget a bit that you're here to work out.



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