Cosmetics for men

August 6, 2012 2:53:09 PM PDT
Eye serum, dry skin reliever, regenerative treatment - exactly what you expect to find at the skin care and make up counters at a department store, but these treatments are all for men.

"We're seeing a surge in men's skin care products," Marissa Vitagliano of Bloomingdale's said.

She says the boom is significant and brand names often familiar to women - Clinque, Clarins, Estee Lauder - are all getting into the mix. Estee Lauder's line for men is called lab series, featuring a $44 product for dark circles under the eyes, which apparently men care about.

Clinique's packaging looks familiar and is sold right near the women's products as is Clarins. Clarins offers a de puff eye treatment, among other items

Task is strictly for men and, yes, they're spending $135 dollars for this overnight product.

Even shaving cream is getting a makeover. The Art of Shaving is selling gourmet tubs and offering straight edge shaves right next to the cologne counters.

Another strictly male targeted line is called Jack Black, sold at a variety of shops. The protein booster includes green tea. The eye rescue contains caffeine. If you have a blemish or two, that's where Manaji comes in. The one line company ship products in a cigar box, and there's concealer and, more recently, powder - not meant to be make up, but empowering.

While buying these products on line allows a man to be discrete, they're not being all that bashful as it turns out.


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